Wednesday, 17 February 2010

How Do I Get My Husband To Love Me Again

"Dear Abby. . .How do I get my husband to love me again?" Have you been thinking this to yourself and wondering where to turn for help? You're marriage has gone stale and you don't know exactly why, or even if you do know why, you don't know exactly what to do about it.

What usually happens unfortunately is that as time passes, the powerful love, respect and admiration that women feel from their husband is replaced by feelings of hurt, awkwardness and distance.

Some women are sure that their husbands have fallen out of love with them. sometimes the husband actually spells it out. Or sometimes the husband denies this but the "something's-wrong-feelings" are still around. If you feel that your husband has fallen out of love with you, there are steps you can take to bring you back to where you once were in your relationship and/or to make your marriage even stronger.

Try to think back to when you and your husband first fell in love. Do you remember what you loved about him and what he loved about you? Of course we all change as we get older so some of our qualities have become stronger and some have disappeared. A really common example of this is when a career-woman becomes a stay-at-home mom.

Sometimes husbands miss the way their wives were before they became homemakers. So now you're thinking, "Well, I can't do anything about that!" To some extent that's true. You have a new and important role now in life that you shouldn't give up but you could try to add some variety in every once in a while by taking a night off to go out with friends or volunteer for a cause.

This will remind your husband, and probably even yourself, that you are a multi faceted person with a lot to offer. Here is something else that you need to consider if you're trying to get your husband to fall back in love with you. Remember what the bible says? "Do unto others as you would have done to you. . ."?

How are you treating your husband? Of course how you act towards him may be altered if you feel that he doesn't love you anymore. But how have you been treating him in the last few years even before you noticed the change in him? It's easy and commonplace to start taking your husband for granted once you're married and even more so after the years go on.

He probably does the same with you. Maybe you've been dedicating yourself to the children for the most part and that means less one-on-one time with your man? Or maybe you're constantly nagging him about certain things you want done around the house which he neglects to do?

If you can switch your behavior around and start treating your husband the way you would like to be treated, he will eventually catch on and do the same. By letting your husband know that you appreciate and love him, you'll bring the two of you closer. And that is one answer to your question "How do I get my husband to love me again?"

Monday, 11 January 2010

What Is The Remedy For A Broken Heart

Unless you have been lucky, you have probably been badly hurt when a relationship ended. Just what is the remedy for a broken heart?

Your first step is to see if your relationship can be salvaged. Sometimes in the heat of the situation we can do things we later regret. Perhaps you dumped your other half but now think you were too hasty. Why not see will he or she take you back?

It is worth apologising and asking for another chance if you feel this person is your significant other. It may be that you both said things that you regret.

Often couples can come under severe stress due to financial worries, concerns over children, health and not to mention job related stress. Consequently resulting in unfair treatment to one another, which then leads to the possible breakup.

Evaluate if this is one of the primary problems and then determine if your relationship is worth saving. If it is you can go to counselling for unbiased help and advice.

It is worth a shot as getting back together with your loved one is a very good remedy for a broken heart. Sometimes though a relationship ends and it is final. Yes, you will feel like you could never be happy again but with time your feelings will change.

Treat the period after a difficult breakup exactly like you would if that person had died. Allow yourself time to grieve for what you have lost; but then acknowledge it is time to move on. You need to look after yourself. Why not take that holiday you always wanted or go visit some family and friends. Make changes to your daily routine.

Your life will be different now so instead of approaching it with fear, grab this opportunity with both hands. Who knows, something or someone better may just be around that next corner. I do not believe that we only have one soul mate in life. Sure partners who meet when they are teenagers and are still together in their eighties are great. But there are other twosomes out there who may have made mistakes in their respective pasts, but have now found happiness again.

We change as people as we travel through the journey of life. Sometimes our significant other changes as well and as a couple we adapt and stick together. Often though, we find we want different things and while you may be heartbroken at first, you may ultimately be happier with someone else or even on your own.

If you find that your heartbreak is overwhelming, please speak to someone. There are plenty of counsellors and charities that help those who are suffering from a broken heart. Consider helping others as well. When we go and visit sick people in hospital, help out at a children’s school or visit elderly neighbours, we often forget about our own problems.

It is very easy to wallow in feelings of sadness, but that will only breed despair. Life is too short to be miserable. You have complete control over your feelings. So get out there and find yourself the best remedy for a broken heart.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

How To Get My Ex Back Video

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Wednesday, 30 December 2009

What Is The Best Way To Get My Woman Back

Few things in life suck as much as losing someone you love. It's very hard to deal with and many people will do just about anything to find out the best way to get a woman back.

If you want to get back with your ex, don't give up. It is possible and I'll show you how. In order to get back with your ex you're going to need to think outside the box. When most people are trying to get back with their ex they almost always do the wrong things.

That is why listening to your friends might be the worst thing you can do because chances are they'll tell you to do the exact opposite of what you should really be doing. Here is a list of some Do's and Don'ts. Follow this list and you will have a much better chance of getting back with your ex.


1) Harass, badger, nag, or threaten. No one likes to be pushed. Don't chase after her. She already gets the fact that you still care and you want her back, now it's time to back off a little bit and give her some space.

2) Lock yourself in your house and never go out. This is what many people do. They go to work but other than that they just hide in a dark room.

3) Hookup with someone else. Not only is this a good way to lose your girlfriend for good, it's also unfair to the new woman. You would just be using her to get over your hurt.


1) Give your woman some space. Give her time to miss you. She can't remember you fondly and miss you if you are constantly in her face. This can be very difficult to do but it's one of the most important things to remember if you want her back.

2) Go out with your friends. Try to have fun. It will be hard, but it's very important not only for your mental health but also so that your ex will start to see you, again, as a fun loving person. The way she saw you when you first got together.

3) Be honest about whether or not the relationship is worth saving. Not all relationships should be saved. Also be willing to honestly admit whatever part you had in the relationship falling apart and be willing to make some changes to your behavior. Follow the steps I've listed above and you'll be much more likely to get a woman back.

Get My Lover Back - Tips And Advice On How To Get Your Ex Back

So you want to get your lover back? Tips and advice on how get your ex back are everywhere these days but how do you know what works and what will send your ex running even further away?

First trust your own instincts. You and you alone know both yourself and this former lover. Why did you break up? Was it just a silly argument or are you really incompatible on some level. Arguments about silly things are often a sign of a more deep rooted problem so dont just ignore it.

If you were constantly fighting about the same small things, chances are there is some other issue affecting your relationship. You need to deal with this issue as ignoring it will not make it go away. Try asking your family and friends for their opinion on what makes you two a great couple.

Also ask them for their insight into why you may have broken up - you may learn something new. Try talking to your ex-lover. Arrange to meet up on neutral ground, preferably in a park or restaurant where there will be other people close by. Why? So that you both have to remain cool and not let your meeting turn into yet another shouting match.

Do not let your meeting descend into a trading insults session. Sure you may have to listen to some truths, which hit home, but do so gracefully. Your ex is probably only letting off steam. Tell your ex that you still love them and want to give your relationship another go. Ask them if they would be interested in trying again? Perhaps you could go to couple's counselling together.

Apologise for your past behaviour and explain why you want them back in your life. You may have to work hard to convince them, particularly, if hurting them is something you do; on a regular basis. If this is the case, you need to ask yourself if you are sure that your ex is the right person for you.

We don't usually hurt the people we love, at least not on a consistent basis. It is difficult enough to keep romance alive in any relationship but if you are always hurting your partner,love dies very quickly. When you meet your ex, remind them of all the great times you had together as a couple. Tell them that this time apart has given you plenty of time to decide what you want and it is definitely them.

You are 100% sure that getting back together is the only result you are interested in. Stroke their ego. Let them know how attractive you find them and how much you want them but don't go overboard. You do not want to scare them or appear desperate, even though that might be the case. Be prepared for it to take some time to get your lover back. Tips and advice on how to get your ex back are all good and fine. However you are dealing with a human being, who may need time to see that getting back together; is a good plan.

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